What May Cause Aged Men To Die During Intimacy

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It is sad when aged people die during love making, which is a normal act of excitement. Intimacy has a lot of health benefits and it helps to keep the body fit, and it also improves blood flow in the body. Death during intimacy doesn't just occur as a natural thing, but there are certain things that might cause aged men to die during love making.

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This article will look at things that may cause aged men, to die during intimacy. They include the following:

1. Drug abuse

An aged man may want to take drugs to improve performance during intimacy. Combining drugs for erectile dysfunction with other types of medication, can be dangerous. If an aged man is taking nitrate based drugs with erectile dysfunction pills, it can reduce blood pressure. Drugs used in treating postrate inflammation can also be dangerous, when mixed with erectile dysfunction pills. When the blood pressure is reduced, it may lead to death.

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2. Heart attack

A heart attack also known as myocardial infarction, may cause an aged man to die during intimacy. Heart attack happens when there is loss of blood supply, to the heart muscle. It is important that people who have hypertension, should be careful when getting intimate. Taking pills to enhance intimacy, may also lead to heart attack. This is because erectile dysfunction pills can make arteries in your heart, brain and private organ to increase in size. This may be dangerous, if you once had a heart attack. Aged men who have cardiovascular disease should avoid pills.

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It is important that you talk to a doctor, if you have cardiovascular disease or before taking pills to enhance intimacy. Your health is important, you should take care of it.

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