Kenya and Tanzania Friendly Match Canceled Hours After President Magufuli's Death

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A friendly match between Kenya's Harambee stars and Tanzanian's Taifa stars has been canceled. The cancelation of the game comes hours after president Magufuli's death. The Kenya football federation boss, Nick Mwendwa has confirmed the cancelation of the game.

FKF on its statement, said that the decision of canceling the game was reached in order to give Tanzanians time to mourn for their president. The friendly match was to be played in Kenya, at Nyayo stadium on Thursday.

Football Kenya Federation also took their time to send their condolences to the family of President Magufuli and all Tanzanians. On its Twitter account, the federation Eulogised him as the president who loved football especially his National team of Taifa stars.

President Magufuli died on Wednesday evening at exactly 6pm after suffering from chronic heart failure. However the opposition leaders in Tanzanian said that Maguli died of ignorance to corona virus.

The friendly game will be announced in due time after burial of President Magufuli.Thank you for reading this article and please remember to subscribe to this channel.

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