Pastor's Wife Explains Why She Still Dresses Inappropriately Even While Being Married To A pastor


Being a pastors wife, comes naturally with a lot of responsibilities, and even if she is not the pastor, she is accorded the same respect as the pastor and is looked up to by members of the church and the society at large.

Jadaamor is a model and a social media influencer, she met a pastor, they fell in love and then got married. She has over 700,000 followers on her Instagram, and even though she is already married to a pastor, she still posts pictures on her page exposing parts of her body that are not supposed to be exposed.

Recently, after she posted a picture, a lot of people took to the comment section to tell her that as a Christian, she is not supposed to dress that way. She explained to them though that she is new in the faith and is still learning to dress more modestly.

See the picture she posted here.

The response she gave to those who criticised her.

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Is it right though for a person who claims to be a Christian and the wife of a pastor to dress this way.

Forgetting the dressing though, she is really committed to her faith and holds online bible classes for women who are interested.

See photos of her and her husband.