Penny Lebyane causes frenzy with her latest picture.

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Penny Lebyane is one of the most loved and also one of the most hard working ladies in South Africa and there is no doubt about that.

She is dearly loved by many people because of her hard work and also how she always fights for women's rights and also for their safety as well.

She has two very beautiful children whom she loves very much and always posts on her social media page at all times.

She is a radio presenter and host as well at the radio station called Metro fm and her slot is loved and listened to by a lot of people.

She is also an M.C and she is also a television presenter as well and she has been an MC for quite a few awards as well.

Penny Lebyane is a well travelled lady and she loves sharing her pictures with us. She posted a picture of herself wearing a very beautiful dress.

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