Netizens Message to DP Ruto After His Warm Gesture to Women and Youth


DP Ruto making donations. [Image/Courtesy.]

Deputy President William Ruto has been noticeably out of the political field and more on meetings with church leaders and helping and donations.

DP Ruto has been focused on helping the most affected individuals with COVID-19 who are the youth and mothers with small businesses such as salons and tailoring.

Today, 25th June, DP Ruto took to his official Twitter account and stated that they have helped over 5000 youths and Women groups with washing machines, shoe shinning stands among others.

DP Ruto making donations. [Image/Courtesy.]

''Distributed assortment of equipment, which included shoe shining stands, washing machines, saloon items and tailoring machines to 30 youth and women groups from Embakasi Central, Starehe and Langata Constituencies in Karen, Nairobi. The programme targets 5,000 young entrepreneurs.'' DP Ruto posted on his official Twitter account.

Netizens took to the comment section and praised the DP for his efforts in helping the youths especially during these hard times.

Here are some of the comments shared after the post.

ROB, ''Hapa Kayole tuletee shoe stands tafadhali. Vijanaa wanakutambua sana hapa.''

Eustus Njima, ''Since you changed your strategy, haters are still trying to figure out how they will come after you to donate poisoned shoe shining stands, poisoned water drums, and washing machines.''

Kipkoech, ''Jesus Christ is watching the effort you are using to help Kenyans and will protect you against every evil.''

DP Ruto making donations. [Image/Courtesy.]

Kyaulu Junior, ''The best thing is to serve humanity, keep changing of the lives of millions of Kenyans languishing in poverty. We need to change the face of Kenya from grassroots to national level.''

Simon Chebon, ''Now, this is way to go. Highly impactful. Beneficiaries, may your life change for the better.''

Jony N, ''The future is brighter sijawai sikia MTU amelazwa ICU juu ya kusaidia maskini .we have eyes na tusiambiwe porojo na mtu. You are my president.''

DP Ruto making donations. [Image/Courtesy.]

Soogebum, ''This is great our DP but how far can you as an individual reach out to 47 million Kenyans? How did you acquire such a huge cash to be able single-handedly do this. If you help come up with a socioeconomic policy to benefit many like tax-free for such income-generating equipment.''