#FreeAkuapemPoloo: Sarkodie, iOna Reigns, DKB, and Kwame A-plus Joins the campaign.


Sarkodie joins the #FreeAkuapemPoloo campaign on Twitter. He wrote : " I think it is too harsh to separate a child from the mum just because of pictures taken... would want to plead with the law to pardon our sisteršŸ™".

The prosecution of Akuapem Poloo is trending all over social media and news since yesterday. This has caused a major stir on social media with celebrities all over the nation, pleading on her behalf for the judge to tamper justice with mercy.

DKB has 'blasted' the N.G.O. who took the case to court for not focusing their attention on the many crimes in the nation but rather petty issues. Other celebrities have joined the throng. iOna reine also plead's on Akuapem Poloo's behalf. Kwame A-plus angrily blasted the authorities for not prosecuting many of the criminal cases. Many criminals are roaming freely and you're taking on this trivial case of Akuapem Poloo, he said.

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