5 Causes of Back Pains and How You Can Prevent Them

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Most people suffering from back pains, don't have the full knowledge of what caused the pains. So in this content, we will look at some major causes of back pains, and how to avoid them.


Majority of people suffering from back pains, are gotten from prolonged sitting on a desk. So if you are someone who sits down on a desk all day, you should consider taking some break every 1hour, to stretch your body, and also walk around.

The acting of waking around, will help flush toxins and bring nutrition to your body discs.


A prolong taking on your cell phone, most especially when you use your shoulder as a balance to your ear. This act can create uneven pressure to your body, which in most cases leads to some pains in your neck, and that pain can extend down to your back.

So, you can prevent such pains, my making use of an earphones or Bluetooth. You can also put the phone on speak out, and drop it down, then talk for how long you wish.

3. DIET.

When you are overweight, this can put pressure on your back, which in turn makes you more susceptible to back pains. Also processed sugars, has the possibility to spike inflammation in the human body, and will result in pains in the back.

So if you want to prevent back pains, consider cutting off on big sugar foods like cakes, cookies, and many more.


Most of us don't really know that our mattress can result in back pains. When you make use of a soft mattress, the weight on your back can be uneven, which may probably lead to back pains. 

So if you regularly experience pains on your back when you wake up, then it means your mattress is too-soft, so try to consider changing your mattress, so you can save yourself from future back pains. 


Stress is another major cause of back pains. All you need to do, is to manage your stress, and avoid some unnecessary activities that will your body. Always get enough rest as possible, which will also help positively. 

NOTE: So ways of lifting heavy objects, also add pains to our back. The best way one can lift a heavy object, is by doing a hip hung, rather than bending from your back to lift the object. 

Above are the major causes of back pains, we should take note of and avoid. 

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