50 ways to show your woman you love her;number 50 is your favourite.

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1.Don't cheat/Be honest

2.Be sincere 

3.Listen to her

4.Be Supportive of her dreams

5.Protect her

6.Respect her 

7.Appreciate her individuality

8.Make her Laugh

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9.Make her smile

10.Give her peace

11.Don't judge her

12.Respect her loved ones

13.Follow Through with your promises

14.Open up to her,be vulnerable.

15.Don't put other people above her

16.Don't let anyone disrespect her in your presence 

17.Embrace her flaws

18.Apologise and mean it.

19.Work on yourself

20.Hug her tightly

21.Kiss her deepily

22.Ask her what she wants and needs

23.Be patient with her

24.Never put her down

25.Never compare her to anyone else

26.Make her cry with joy

27.Spend quality time with her

28.Do something nice for her

29.Spoil her with little surprises 

30.Plan cute dates for her

31.Give her money for no reason (if you have it)

32.Give her massages

33.Let her be vulnerable with you

34.Appreciate everything about her

35.Don't take her for granted.

36.Don't give her reasons to doubt you

37.Don't be selfish

38.Don't abuse her in anyway

39.Have boundaries when fighting with her.

40.Do not

41.Remind her that you love her

42.Tell her when you miss her

43.Call her at random times just to hear her voice

44.Don't let your pride and ego offend her

45.Always find ways to make her day better

46.Don't blame her for your problems

47.Cuddle with her

48. Let her go crazy sometimes

49.Comfort her,tell her things are going to be ok even if you don't know that.

50.Make sweet love to her and leave her toes curling and legs shaking

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