21 year old found killed on a backseat of a car

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A woman was shot inside a car in Hanover Park, and cops are investigating.

Shumeez Ismail, 21, of Ottery, was visiting her pals on Saturday when she was discovered with two gunshot wounds in her stomach by her family.

Her body was discovered in a grey Ford Escort's backseat.

The shooting happened around 5 a.m. on Sunday, according to a relative on the scene, who spoke to the Daily Voice.

We don't know what happened to her, but I believe someone wanted something from her and she refused to give it to them," he explains.

"She left Ottery on Saturday afternoon to visit friends, and then we got a call saying she had passed away."

"She has a mother and a baby brother to care for."

Shumeez was shot twice, according to him, and no one heard or saw anything.

“The bullets struck her in the stomach and you could tell that she was not shot from outside, she was shot by someone who was sitting in the car with her.

“She could never have a physical fight with anyone, she was very small,” the devastated man says.

"No one knows who shot her; no one went outside to investigate when the gunshots rang out. "Someone knows, but they're afraid of whatever it is." This should have been stopped; even her friends whom she had come to see are missing."

SAPS spokesperson Colonel André Traut says they are investigating the circumstances surrounding the shooting.

“At around 5.30am yesterday, a 21-year-old female was shot and killed in Johndown Walk Hanover Park while she was sitting in the back of a vehicle.

“The suspect fled the scene and is yet to be arrested. The circumstances are being investigated.”

This it's heartbreaking , the is not a day that goes by without a woman killed, this got to stop


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