President Jacob Zuma Save David Mabuza From Death. See What He Did. A Total DISBELIEF.



One of the ANC members take his story to social media, and it has grab so many people eyes because they have never thought that they would hear that things about Jacob Zuma. This is showing that some people can be good when they want to, and we should not just them we think that they did back in the days. Zuma is a nice person, that's why everyone is trying by their to see him doing good. They should stop with what they are doing because we can all see that what do you want to do will never be happened.

Occasionally, we really need to know that people are we mistakes should also be given a chance to do what they are capable of. Some people will never take you serious are you do only one mistake, and that's not how things should be. We all know that people like Jacob Zuma have made many mistakes in the country, but that doesn't mean we should give up on them. At least there is someone who is happy that Zuma saved his life when no one else was there for him, and he appreciates it.

This might be the reason the Zulus were so mad when Zuma was in prison because of things that he did back then. It looks like those people didn't want Zuma to be part of the ANC party because of how they're reacting when things are that way. I can tell that Mr. David Mabuza will never forget what you might do to him because that shows that Zuma is a good, caring person, and he will never leave you. So many people are saying that David Mabuza is just lying because he wants people to start praising Zuma. There is no way you could lie about that your particular thing because he was experiencing something that you'd never thought of.

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