A formal warning to JubJub from Xhosa Men Association because of this(video)

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On a video circulating on our social media platform today, the Xhosa men Association have announced a formal warning to the Mzansi most viewed reality show, Uyajola9/9 presenter Jub Jub.

Photo: Facebook @Jub Jub

Uyajola9/9 hosted by Jup Jup has been in the Eastern Cape for the longest time now working out on catching cheaters. Last week at the present I took a video and posted on his Instagram story to warn unsuspecting people looking for love at that eBhaya and eMonti is not territories you can enter into if you are searching for true love because there everyone belongs to everyone.

Photo: Facebook @Jub Jub

"Amaxhosa are my people I know them they drink and I hung out with them but don't tell us you are going to eastern cape eMonti our Port Elizabeth those places are notorious and if you wanna go where to look for a girlfriend or a boyfriend you will regret it they will show you flames", said Jub Jub of Uyajola9/9.

Photo: Facebook @Jub Jub

"We are repeating again to you, we are saying stop terrorizing the Eastern Cape men. You see, Eastern Cape is the home of legend where Mandela and Thabo Mbeki were born and bred, where top African National Congress leaders are from you.

You can't be bringing cameras here because of cheating, we say to you if you have nothing to do ,go to provinces such as gauteng. We are giving you 20 days and no you are banned from coming to Eastern Cape.

If you come anywhere near Eastern Cape we will come up with a plan for you, we know our dating and we will fight cheating our own way. Down with Jub Jub down", said Xhosa Men Association Spokesperson HON Ayabonga Kekana.


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