Things As a Candidate You are Supposed To Do in Order To Pass Your Exams


National examinations in our country is the turning point of a child's life whether at the primary level, secondary level and even at the tertiary insititutions. As we are nearing exam period there are tense moods in some of our candidates but put in mind that examinations are set not to fail candidates but to validate what you have been learning over the years in any learning institution.

The Kcpe exams are set to start on 22nd March and that of kcse on 26th March 2021. The following are ways you can use to chart out your success;

1. Revise your notes and engage in group discussion.

The little time remaining as a candidate, take your time to go through your notes and also engage in group discussion, in group discussion something you know there is a chance that a member in that group do not know and vice versa, therefore, compliment each other through group revision.

2. Have a positive attitude towards every subject you have registered for.

As a candidate it is not time to look down upon subjects you are not performing well, remember that every subject is going to account for your final grade hence have a mind set that all subjects are easy and you shall pass highly.

3. Go through past examination papers.

Develop an habit of revising past papers to get used to how the exams are set.

4. During exams do not panic, pray, read the instructions carefully and go through the question paper and identity questions you can answer best in the situation where you are instructed to choose a few questions among many.

Finally it is my pleasure (vision) to wish all candidates success. May God validate you dreams. Thank you.


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