"We Are back" South African Prophet Shepherd Bushiri says


Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and Mary Bushiri has announced their coming back after days of absence from ministry as they went on a brief vacation perhaps to relief themselves of the pains, anguish and sorrow which accompained the loss of their daughter, Israella Bushiri. The renowned man of God is the founder and general overseer of the ever growing Enlightened Christian Gathering mostly referred to as ECG which headquarters was formerly based in South Africa before he moved to Malawi. 

The Prophet of God in person of Shepherd Bushiri, is one that has made his mark in the christendom, having faced series of trials, persecutions and tribulations over the years at a young age of 37. It would however interest you to know that the aformentioned man of God due to his fame, has acquired quite a number of branches across 73 countries of the world with a vision of spreading the gospel to ends of the earth.

The famous man of God in the early hours of today, via his official instagram handle announced his return as an extract of his post connoted “we are back”.

This phrase shows his preparedness to move on with life’s challenges and his readiness to take on obstacles which are yet to come.

In my earnest opinion, I certainly don’t see his statement as controversial but rather the dawn of a new era for the Bushiri’s as it is only natural for one to cheer himself up after the demise of a loved one and take up the challenges of life once again. The demise of the daughter of the Shepherd Bushiri certainly affected the couple and all those connected to his ministry as ministers across the globe which include the likes of Uebert Angel (USA), Rev Lucy Natasha (KENYA), Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin (NIGERIA), Prophet Ed Citronneli (USA) dear loss of his oldest daughter who was merely 7 years old.

It is imperative to state that death is inevitable and certainly irreversible and moreso when it comes calling, no one can avoid it except on the basis that’s not the persons time to die. Inarguably, people still die untimely, grace is what make the difference.

What’s your take on this?

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