Dulas Become A Laughing Stock After MaMhlongo Tells Him This In #MnakwethuHappilyEverAfter

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I watch this show for the sake of Dulas and Qondanisa, as well as their wives. When it comes to their portion, their content is always on point. Dulas is unfit to take isithembu; he is gambling. He has little control over his wife's actions, which explains why his baby mom abandoned him. MaMhlongo is only remaining with Dulas at this point because she enjoys being on television; their relationship ended years ago.

Her and mamchunu are bored and want nothing more than to appear on television. MaMhlongo and Dulas, on the other hand, will never break up. They will come and go, but she will stay with him. I have to praise Dulas for being aware that he is not married to MaMhlongo and that she is permitted to have other relationships. Dulas never paid lobola for MaHlongo but paid lobola for MaShozi. He has the audacity to claim that she does not listen to him and does things her way, which begs the question of why he is still dating her and refusing to let her go.

MaMhlongo's introduction of another guy will introduce diseases, but Dulas will not? When MaMhlongo claims to be with two men, they have the guts to make sickness references. Despite this, these males date a large number of women without making any indication of diseases.

Mseleku is having a difficult time understanding the fact that MaMhlongo has a boyfriend other than Dulas. He was figuratively shorting out. MaMhlongo is the retribution Dulas is due.

It's strange how women fall for a guy who wears his headgear backwards and has a carvela. You are aware of the adage about guys and their headwear. It's so awful that he refused to remove it in front of MaMhlongo's house, which is considered open disrespect.

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