Statehouse Issues Statement On What President Uhuru Kenyatta Has Achieved On His Second Term

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President Uhuru Kenyatta's tenure in office is almost coming to an end. Hon Kenyatta who have ruled this country for ten years is finishing his second term in the next four months where he will hand over the mantle to the next head of state who will be elected by the people of Kenya on august.

Now, today, the statehouse Kenya has come out to issue a statement on what president Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta has achieved on his second term where he also had handshake with the opposition leader hon Raila Odinga.

Through the their spokesperson, Mrs Kanze Dena, the statehouse Kenya said that Uhuru majored on big four agenda on his second term. On this big four, the Statehouse revealed that president Kenyattta achieved all the four targets of this big four. Among Those things that Statehouse pointed out as president Uhuru Kenyatta's achievents includes; food and security, manufacturing, affordable housing and universal health coverage. Now, on your own view, do you think that Uhuru has achieved all the big four agendas? Drop your view.

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