FOR LADIES: Would you date a man who looks like this?

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Many ladies love men with facial hairs. As a matter of fact, several times, I have heard ladies say, 'The beauty of a man is his beards'. How true this is, is yet to be certain but I have seen pictures where beards totally transformed men. Just like these two pictures below.The first picture is the popular rapper, Drake. The second picture is Liam Hemsworth, brother to Chris Hemsworth who acted Thor and Avengers. I know the resemblance is striking.

Well, the point I am trying to make is, the beard made them look better. Perhaps even more attractive. So I can totally understand when ladies say beards add beauty to men, judging from these pictures.

But sometimes, men take the beard thingy a bit over the top. Just like the picture below.

As you can see, his mouth is completely hidden if he shuts his mouth, as half of his face is covered by facial hair.

So ladies, tell me, would you date a man who looks like this?

For married ladies, what would you do if your husband decides to start leaving his beard this way?

As a guy, can you let your beard get to this point?

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