Proof That Kelly Khumalo Is Just Toxic. Here Are The Events| Opinion

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Kelly Khumalo is a South African greatest vocalist. There are a number of things that people can say about her, a number of negative things. However, in those negative things there could never be anyone saying anything negative about her talent.

Kelly Khumalo has never has a relationship that lasted longer without any stories. It would be understandable if it was just with one or two people, however, with her it is a lot of people. Be it her past romantic relationships, they don't really last, and haven't lasted a long time.

She also doesn't have lasting friendships, and this was seen through her reality show. She doesn't have a relationship with her father, her mother's side of the family, and also her only sister. At some point, her mother also left her house and just disappeared, because she could not handle Kelly anymore. She has fixed things with her mother, but still not in talking terms with her sister. She also doesn't have relationships with the families of both her kids.

Could it be that all these people are the ones doing Kelly wrong or she is just toxic? 

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