Jabulani says Tshweu claim that sorry Zuma is a paid twitter promo, see the reaction of SA

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Someone in Mr. Tshweu's space claim SorryJacobZuma is a paid tweeter promo. I can speak for myself, the apology comes deep from my heart and facts I have to drive the gesture Sorry Jacob Zuma.

Please share the facts… so we can also say sorry for failed ESKOM, SAA, SARS, SABC, Transnet, GUPTAS, evading justice, Nkandla, Bell Pottinger... let me stop there, I am still studying comrade Zondo's report to gather facts on failures, in the meant time asking you to also check financial reports and performance on Moyane, Motsoeneng, Gama, Molefe/Koko, Montane etc

Molefe made a “mistake” and paid out R20m to a company that provided zilch service. In this one of your fact. Please share source, would love to go through those facts. But I also spoke about performance (load shedding) and Eskom profits vs. post 2017 stats. Your problem is that you are comparing Ramaphosa and Zuma when both have failed us, Your initial reply suggested that Zuma was the only mess, when asked to give facts you change tune and say both, cause the numbers they asked you don’t fit your narrative, nina aboDarkie niso & it’s not changing anytime soon. What is this sorry zuma thing hoping to achieve from a semi literate retired old man who can't even count? I will never apologize to any ANC leader, former or current. NEVER! Zuma played his part in the demise of this country too.He is no Saint. He will never be a saint, agreed – I think no one is, but only by belief association. Maybe we can at least discuss facts in terms of what he did that resulted in demise, but also pay attention to thousands evidence of gains he did. People create scenes in their heads, it's crazy.

People are genuinely apologetic because they realize the misjudgments they made in regard to Pres Zuma.

SorryJacobZuma. That budget must have been phalphalagate money .. People are sorry cause of the current situation. Sies you apologize to a crook and a sell out

Him and his entire organization ANC have caused more harm to their people in 28yrs excluding us from an economy because they wanted everything for themselves

No sir, you apologize. Me I hope to see them all jailed. 



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