Olekina Alleges With Raila As President Anyone Will Have A Chance To Be Featured In Forbes Magazine

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Ledama Olekina who is the senator for Narok county today tweeted on his twitter page that Good Morning good people With @RailaOdinga as president anyone in Kenya today or their children tomorrow will have a chance to be featured in the Forbes magazine as the richest in the world. So when you wake up or while having breakfast, please pray for Raila to be president.

Mann tweeted, "Senator, those are bed time stories for kids. Raila is a project of UHURU and afew Kenya billionaires. How do you expect Raila with UHURU as his Party chairman actualize that pipe dream?"

Kamonde tweeted, "We pray for someone who has never prayed. Are you mad? It doesn't work like that. Oh how many people from Kibra where he was MP made into the book of Nairobi Forbes Magazine or Narok for that matter. Wacha ufala."

Ronny tweeted, "Ole I don't blame you which church do attend which prayer answered can you pray to have wings to fly honoured, what you're asking is another temptation, you've heard of miracles not possible not because it can't happened but becoz the person is a ghost miracle worker! That's it!"

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