Why Boys who Impregnate Girls in School aren't expelled from their School

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It's no longer news to any of us that girls are always expelled from school when they are impregnated by their boyfriends while in School. But have we asked ourselves why the same person(s)(the boys) that committed the sane act with them aren't expelled as well?

Now let's look at this cases one after another.

Reasons why girls are expelled for being pregnant in School:

1. Pregnancy is uncoverable: There is this adage in Igbo Land that says "You can't Cover up a Pregnancy." This means that there is no way you can hide the truth, because no matter how you try to hide it, it shall find a way to resurface itself. Because of this, the management will have no choice than to send the affected girl packing, after all, everyone knew her marriage status.

3. To protect the School Image: when a girl get pregnant, her school will quickly send her home in other to keep the image of the school positive. They wouldn't want a situation where outsiders will be referring to their School as a place that doesn't train its students well.

3. To keep the girl out of shame and redeem her integrity: Another reason why these kind of girls are expelled is to keep them out of shame and keep her integrity tight. That is why these people normally deliver their babies with just very few individual knowing they were pregnant before. This will keep the girls integrity tight and the girl will even have an opportunity in the future to marry a good husband.

Reasons why boys are not expelled from School when they get girls pregnant:

Seriously, I cannot understand the reason why this kind of people are left untouched after what they have done. I believe we should do to the boys what was done to the girls so that the equation will be balanced. They shouldn't be left to walk free, else they won't learn their lesson. They may even go ahead to impregnate more girls if care is not taken. But I believe that these boys aren't expelled just because they are boys.

To you as the reader, what do you think we should do to these kind of boys?

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