Jalango Cries On Tv In An Interview With Harun Gatari

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It was a very emotional interview for kenyan celebrity Felix Odwori has he hosted after hosting Harun Gatari for the second time after a successful surgery. The surgery costed over 3.9 million.

Jalang'o played a great role in helping to raise over 3.9 million for Harun to undergo a very delicate operation to remove the huge growth on his hands which had to be done by specialist in India.

After a successful operation Haruni arrived back to the country. The surgery costed around 3.5 million. Jalang'o could it hide his joy after Harun Gatari's arrival. He was eager to host him on his show to know how he was fairing.

Harun underwent this sensitive surgery for seven hours which led to excessive bleeding and it led him to ICU but by good luck he recovered and was taken back to the ward and 2days he was discharged.

Jalang'o couldn't hide his emotions as the interview carried on. Tears filled his eyes by seeing the transformation in the 23- years old boy. He went on to confess that he lost over 3kgs from his hands and was now able to do some work such as taking bath and spreading his bed which seemed impossible there before.

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