"High Court Ruling On BBI Should Be Overturned, It Has No Power," AG Kihara Urges Court Of Appeal


The Building Bridges Initiative hearing is currently in progress at the Court of Appeal. This is the second day of submission at the Court of Appeal where various judges are set to state their stand on BBI. During the proceeding, AG Kihara Karuiki urged the Court of Appeal bench to overturn high court ruling on BBI.

AG Kihara Karuiki said that the High Court has no power to address constituency delimitation. 

"The High Court of Kenya sitting at a constitutional court has a limited jurisdiction," AG Kihara Karuiki posed.

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This is a view which he said is not popular to many but it's the correct one according to him. He said the high court has a limited view and the view is to entertain constitutional contraversies brought to it by parties who have a standing before the court. This should be where a clear course of action exists. 

He said that there is nothing in the 2010 constitution that states one can come to court without any standing, without course of action, write a big petition, throw it to the court and ask for help because he or she is annoyed with the action of the chief. 

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