Welfare dues in the CHURCH is a CULT.


Whatever happened to the principles on which the early church was built? The rock upon which the Church is built is Jesus Christ. The story of Ananias and Sapphira further gives us a fair idea about the administration of the early Church.

Fast forward to 2021, many churches have abandoned one of their core duties of taking care of the poor and needy by hiding behind the welfare scheme. Apart from paying offerings at every church meeting of the week, church members pay tithes to the church. Churches organize various fundraising activities within the year and Church members are expected to contribute and meet the usually outrageous targets set for these events. In the midst of all these, the Church still wants to pretend that without welfare dues, they cannot play their role.

All of a sudden, whoever came up with the idea of welfare dues in the church, and boom, it has taken over the entire country. I struggle to fathom how a church can decide to abandon their members in the time of grief or fail to share in their joy only because the said member is not a registered member of the welfare association and does not pay welfare dues.

One of the main functions of the Church is fellowship and communalism and I beg to differ that the welfare scheme has not fostered any of these. It has ended up creating deep cracks and factions in the church. People have even quit the church because of the welfare scheme.

When a non-member of the welfare association is bereaved or getting married, the energy of the church in support is nothing compared to when a member of the association is in same situation? In the end, the rich, who contribute to the welfare scheme end up receiving support while the poor are shunned when they actually really need it – defeating the purpose for the scheme.

The church from the beginning is cooperative in nature and resources are put in one consolidated fund which are shared among members in an equitable way according to their needs. This is demonstrated in the story of Ananias and Sapphira in the Bible.

The offerings, tithes and donations to the church are meant to take care of the needs of the church and the needy members. The Welfare scheme is a demonic association and a cult that has infiltrated the church and the earlier the church expunged it from the system, the better.

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