Born Different, but Gods love is sufficient


Who are people?

People are human beings made in the likeness, beauty, sophistication, awesomeness, great fulness of the Creator, God.

Every human being on earth is made in God's perfection and likeness.... nobody is out of place no matter how you may look or act. Although they are some people born with disabilities and different alternative reaction, still God made them and we should accept them just the way they are.

When we say born different, what do we really mean??

Born different means being born with a disability or looking different from other human beings, it could be born without legs or hands etc. It is always said that God looks at the heart and not the physical appearance.

Here are photos of some people around the world that are born


Born without hands

Born without legs

Born with hands bigger than the body size

Born with white pigmentation

Twins born different colors