Ghana can be equally as America because America is not Heaven- Daddy Fred exposes Ndc


Daddy Fred on his recent post on Facebook stated emphatically that Twene Jonas known as Glass nkoaa should come to Bronzeville -New York to come and see how people are suffering to live a better life there, he should stop being ignorance and appreciate the leaders of his country because they are trying hard to do their best as leaders of the nation since the country is now developing

He should stop doing videos of Suman Mahata-New York and some nice places in the New York city to undermine the works the leaders of the nation are doing, he should stop exaggerating, tarnishing and selling out his own country to the whites because the whites themselves don't come out on social media to disgrace their own city

Fred stated, those in the states should bring ideas and the necessary tools to help develop the nation if the welfare of their nation is dearly to their heart. they should stop all these things and help the government and its leaders to bring out the change they want to see, for it is stupid and disrespectful if you sit in other peoples country paying taxes with your own earn money to develop their nation and for them to look down on ours.

It is hard time we all come home and put resources together to achieve something better for our motherland country, every country has its flaws so if we have seen ours we shouldn't praise people to broadcast it and tannish our image for we are all equal humans who can do more than what they are doing


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