Company fined KSh12.9 million by the Court for denying an employer permission to leave work early.

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Alice Thomson, the woman who sued her former employee for refusing to let her leave work early has finally gotten justice after being awarded KSh12.9 million. Alice had requested to leave an hour earlier so that she had time to pick her daughter in school. After being denied permission, she was forced to quit her job, citing discrimination.

What Alice needed was a flexible time schedule which created time to help her pick her daughter in nursery.The British woman said that she had worked with the company for more than a decade. She said that after her maternity leave period ended, she returned to work where she requested flexible time schedule.

"I had put my heart and soul into an estate agent career for more than a decade. I made a request for flexible working that wasn't seriously considered. I was left with no other option but to resign," she said.

In a court ruling, the judge said Alice suffered gender discrimination from her employee. The Court awarded her money for loss of earnings, pension contribution and injury to feelings.

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