Attorney General Paul Kihara Withdraws Petition From High Court


Few days ago, five judges from the high Court Ruled that the BBI was null and void. A lot of Kenya a were happy about this and others were not. Attorney General Paul Kihara then decided to petition for BBI and just few days later he has withdrawn the case.

This was posted by Robert Alai and on his post he wrote, "BREAKING: Attorney General Paul Kihara withdraws petition from High Court seeking Stay of orders declaring BBI unconstitutional; AG to seek similar reliefs at the Court of Appeal"

Here are some of the comments:

Africa: Social media informed him it won't go through since he's not an ordinary citizen...otgerwise he would not have withdrawn. A quack

Benard: Who was he representing, wananchi, the president?

Steven: I don't know how to react on that. Anyway it wouldn't add anything to my life

Dok: @RobertAlai i can't access kahawa tungu site, what could be the problem brother??

Daniel: Next, they will mute, assume they never heard about the #BBIJudgement and continue with BBI thing.

Charming: Hehehe, what a double crushing on their BBI move,

Robert: Kula kwa pupa, think things over bwana AG, avoid haste