Uzalo :Sphilile Cheats On Sbonelo With Nkunzi

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It's been unfortunate and decimating to watch Sbonelo (Wiseman Mncube) lose everything and ask his dad; Nkunzi (Masoja Msiza) for a rooftop over his head and his spouses. Uzalo has gotten dreary, whack and unsurprising for continually allowing its prompting leading; Nkunzi win without fail. Sbonelo who is additionally his dad adversary has become helpless and an objective since he lives in his home. 

We realize that Sbonelo isn't a holy messenger since he recently laid down with his dad's better half; Mazaza, took a few vehicles that his dad was intending to commandeer with the assistance of his dad's ex; MaNgcobo. 

His dad is presently out for retribution and he's intending to lay down with his child's other spouse; Sphilile (Tee Xaba). The two have been being a tease consistently and Sbonelo wasn't satisfied when he discovered his better half giggling at his dad's jokes wearing a scaled down skirt. 

Sphilile is faithful to cash. Thus, since her significant other is down and out; she won't stay for any longer. She's not the sort to feel remorseful about resting her way to the top or betraying her significant other. 

Sbonelo knows this about her; that is the reason he paid a large portion of a million rand of lobola for her since she enjoys the better things throughout everyday life. Sbonelo hauled her back in his life since she causes him to feel like a man. While his other spouse; Nonka is a pragmatist and difficulties him. His personality is wounded at this moment and he needs Sphilile to make him great once more, he needs to be deceived and informed that it's only an impermanent misfortune. 

Mamlambo(Nkunzi's other spouse) won't let Nkunzi engage in extramarital relations with Sphilile in light of the fact that she's not a polygamist and she doesn't need cycle two of Mazaza in Nkunzi's home. She doesn't even wanna share him with his more established spouse; MaNgcobo. 

We saw her response when she got Nkunzi looking at Sphilile and how frantic she was at Sphilile for dressing provocatively. 

Watch this story unfurl when Sbonelo gets Nkunzi in bed with his wife(Sphilile).

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