MKMVA continue to cause more troubles for ANC

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It's that time of the day where ANC fights on ANC over some avaricious issues and it's always the same funny characters causing a commotion. Carl Niehaus today managed to mobilize Members of the uMkhonto we Sizwe Military Veterans Association (MKMVA) to march at Mthuli house to voice their anger against what they describe as the continuous failure by the ANC government to recognize them as liberation fighters.

MKMVA Johannesburg regional secretary-general Thanduxolo Dyodo submitted a list of demands tabled by the which include:

1. Immediate feedback on the process to address the welfare of former MK members.

2. A political will to ensure the creation of a stand-alone ministry for Military Veterans is established and

3. Immediate implementation of the Military Veterans Act.

MKMVA members said they are tired of submitting letters to the ANC and not getting any response. They fingered Ramaphosa in what they call a hypocrisy game after he stated that “We ought to give consideration and respect as well as ensure that we look after their well being as much as we possibly can. This is something I am determined to ensure happens.”

But up to now, nothing has been done.

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