4 Mistakes Made In Clothes Laundry That Can Affect Your Health

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Laundry is very essential, some people do their laundry weekly or twice weekly. And, there are a number of common mistakes that a lot of people make while washing or drying clothes, from using too much detergent to drying clothes inside the house.

And, these flaws can have a direct negative impact on your skin and health as well.

 Bacterial growth can be caused due to careless washing and drying, which can lead to conditions such as dermatitis or Urinary tract infection.

The following mistakes should be avoided when washing and drying your clothes:

Some of the washing and drying mistakes can ruin clothes, others can have an impact on your home, skin, and even health.

They are:

1. Excess Detergent: Detergent should be used in optimum amounts. Excess use of detergent can leave stains and residues on clothes, and it also leaves an odor. The remains can also cause irritation on the skin, if not taken care of it can lead to infections and bumps on the skin too.

Too much detergent is not just bad for your skin and clothes, but it also harms your washing machine and it causes more wear and tears in the motor of your machine.

2. Not drying your clothes properly: Sometimes, when the clothes are not thoroughly dry, it can cause certain yeast infections and fungal growth in clothes. It can also give a very foul odor in cupboards. It can also give rise to termites in the case of a wooden wardrobe. It can also be a breeding ground for other harmful bacteria.

3. Drying clothes indoors: It is the most common mistake that people dry their clothes indoors. You should dry clothes in direct sunlight, but you must also take care to remove the clothes from the sun as soon as they are dry to protect their color.

Sunlight majorly helps to kill bacteria and it also helps you to get rid of the damp smell from clothes.

4. We should both clean and sanitize the clothes. Detergents are only meant to remove stains and dirt from the clothes. And, bacterias can still breed in those clothes. You must a fabric disinfectant after using detergents to keep the germs away.

How does this affect your skin?

1. These mistakes of washing and drying clothes can cause severe skin infections caused by black fungus.

2. Wearing wet clothes can cause urinary tract infection (UTI). The moisture gets trapped which increases the spread of bacteria.

Therefore, it is important to dry the clothes indoors before wearing them. Dry-washing indoors can also be a risk for people with asthma and weakened immune systems. Some breeding conditions for mold spores can lead to fatal lung infections.

So, these common mistakes that people make while washing or drying clothes, should be taken seriously. You try not to make these mistakes while doing your laundry, to keep you and your family healthy.

 If you want to avoid bacteria growth in your wardrobe, then make sure to clean the washing machine with nothing but bleach and hot water on a regular basis and also clean the interior whenever possible. 

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