All You Need To Know About Dizziness And Its Causes

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Dizziness can be the feeling of being unbalanced, hazy or lightheaded. It has an effect on the sensory organs, especially the eyes and ears and it could result to fainting in some cases. Although, dizziness is not a disease, it is usually a symptom of several ailments.

Vertigo and disequilibrium could cause a feeling of dizziness, but these terms describes varying symptoms. Vertigo is described by a spinning sensation, like a room is moving around.

However, It can also feel like motion sickness or that you are leaning to a side. Disequilibrium is defined by losing balance or equilibrium why actual dizziness is the feeling of lightheadedness or almost fainting.

Dizziness is common and its underlying cause usually is not severe. Having frequent dizziness is not something to be fret about. Although, you should consult with your doctor immediately you begin to experience regular series of dizziness for no reason or for a long term period.

Causes of dizziness

Typical causes of dizziness includes; migraine, medications and alcohol. This condition can be also caused by an issue in the inner ear, where balance is regulated.

Dizziness is sometimes a result of vertigo. The most typical cause of vertigo and vertigo related dizziness is benign positional vertigo (BPV). This causes short term dizziness when a person changes positions rapidly, such as sitting up in bed after lying down.

However, dizziness and vertigo can also be triggered by Meniere’s disease. This causes fluid to build up in the ear associated with ear fullness, hearing loss and tinnitus. Another probable cause for dizziness and vertigo is an acoustic neuroma.

Acoustic neuroma is a noncancerous tumor that forms on the nerve that joins the inner ear to the brain.

Some other probable causes of dizziness include the following:

● Sudden drop in blood pressure

● Heart muscle disease

● Decrease in blood volume

● Anxiety disorders

● Anemia (low iron)

● Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar)

● Ear infection

● Dehydration

● Heat stroke

● Excessive exercise

● Motion sickness

In some rare situations, dizziness can be caused by various sclerosis, a stroke, a malignant tumor or a different brain disorder.

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