Check Out how Terrence Celebrated Milly Chebby's Birthday.

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Milly Chebby is the second wife to Terrence creatives. She is also a mother to one daughter. Professionally, Milly is an enterpreneur and an online influencer.

Milly turned 35 today and she was very excited about it. To her, her journey has been a very long one and stressful one. Considering the fact that she has gone through alot with Terrence and all the accusations of cheating, she is grateful that they made it this far.

A day before millie's birthday, Terrence surprised her with a ring, promising her to always he her babe. It was a promise of forever.

On Milly's birthday which was today, Terrence went ahead and surprised his wife at their home. He invited their close family members and they had a good time together as a family.

He also wrote her a beautiful message promising to always love her and only her.

"I want to grow old with you babe. I want to wake up to your smile even at age 99. " He also stated that she loves her for a reason. No one knows the reason but apparently, Terrence has a reason for loving her.

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