Remember Okomfuor Kwaadee, What Has Happened To him After He Was Force To Check Into Rehab?


Born Jerry Anaba, Okomfuor Kwadee's life as a teen was beautiful, he had so many friends. The musician was happy and loved life so much and felt a strong connection with music, Many used to stay up all night listening to it till they were too tired to listen anymore. As a young rapper, he used to hang out with friends and always partied at any friend's house, everybody knew Okomfour and had always something to connect with him.

As reported some time back, he got really addicted to drugs and lost some of his friends by becoming a really a strange person. After that he was forced into rehab and his strong connection to music, his passion for life, he lost his connection and most he had in his life disappeared because he wasn't the same boy anymore.

Converted rapper Lord Kenya remained a true friend and pledged to sponsor Okomfour Kwaadee's treatment at rehab. This was after he had visited Kwaadee and it was such an emotional moment when the legends met. Kwadee transformation was gradual and he looked much better at the rehab.

Fast forward to 2021, the musician who is out of rehab has transformed completely and what has happened to him is that he is about to release a song titled 'chess game'. This is in collaboration with Ohema woyeje and Kgenius. May God bless and cover our brother from any harm!