Karen Nyamu Hilariously Uses Her Child to Ask Samidoh For Financial Assistance


City lawyer Karen Nyamu has once again caused controversy after she hilariously uses her youngest child to ask for financial assistance. The mother of two shared two screenshots on her Instagram stories showing her video calling her baby boy. Karen has two kids, a boy and a girl and they both have different dads. The youngest is Samidoh's child, a kikuyu musician.

Karen Nyamu first shared a screenshot where she captioned that her son Kana is currently missing. She revealed grateful she is that there is video call nowadays, as now she is able to see him and talk to him even though they are far apart. Karen Nyamu on the second screenshot, wrote that her kid now is saying that his dad Samidoh should help her in paying a loan.

Karen hilariously asked her baby daddy for financial assistance, but she used her child to ask for the same. She claimed that it is her baby who is requesting Samiddoh to help her in paying a loan. She wrote:

"Na hapa kamesema baba yake anisaidie kulipa loan😅😅😅" Check the whole post here.

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