Pastor leaves all his church members crying after telling them this || watch videos below

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Pastor David Ezekiel Chuma is the famous man of God in the City of Lusaka,the capital city of Zambia. The man of God is the founder and the oversear of Glory of Christ Ministry in Zambia which is located in Kalinganga, the east part of Lusaka province.

Glory of Christ is the ministry which has impact of changing lives of people across the World. It has over 13 branches in Zambia and many more branches across the World.

On 3th September the man of God came with life message that left all church members in a shock as he preached with power and authority.

Everyone wants to succeed but everyone succeeds because of some things which we meet on our journey to our destinies. And there some things which we need to avoid for us to succeed in life.


"Laziness is one and most dangerous enemy to our destinies and it kills our zeals and bright future completely withoit repair. Therefore, anyone who wants to succeed I'm life should avoid laziness" he said.


"Sin is an enemy of both God and your destiny. When a man begins to sin he hinders himself from succeeding God is the only one who gives us success in life. And we should know is that God hates sin and those who do it." He explained.


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