'From Dagoretti To USA' Kululu Shares His PhD Journey With Jalango


Kululu Atsiaya aka Pop, is a true example that every dream is valid if you work hard and are determined.

Today, Jalango hosted this outspoken man on his Jalango TV Youtube channel. Kululu, narrated that he was a pupil at Jamuhuri primary school and revealed that he was not good with the books. 

He further narrated that he was a crook, who was always involved in fights and theft while at school. He was even expelled for his bad behaviour. The turning point in his life came after his dad uttered remarks that made him feel inferior. He decided to change for the better. 

He expressed his desire of travelling abroad, but first had to learn English because he was illiterate, through a church. He flied to the US through connections, and miraculously finished his highschool. Through scholarships, he did his degree and 2 masters. He is currently working on his Phd. 

Kululu's story is an inspiration to everyone that people can really change and achieve something positive in their lives, only if they are advised properly. Parents are advised not to lose hope with their children and pray that they would be better people in future. 

Whats your take on this story? Comment below. Check out his interview with Jalango in the link below.

( https://youtu.be/gUrZAQZVeD0)

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