What INEC Should Do as Anambra Citizens Complain of Voting Machine Malfunctioning

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It is no longer news that the Anambra state governorship election which is scheduled to hold today has already commenced.

People could be seen in different voting centers casting their votes.

According to different reports, some citizens of the state who came out to vote were unable to due to the malfunctioning of the voting machines. 

Most of them complained bitterly about this, claiming that the machine rejected their card.

In my opinion, I think the INEC should quickly intervene in this issue. I am sure none of the citizens who are unable to vote will be happy about this. It is better the issue is being rectified quickly, or another measure is being taken.

I will also suggest that INEC should fix another election date so that those that were unable to vote due to one issue or the other, will be granted an opportunity to. Some people were unable to take their PVC before the election date. Everyone votes should count in this election to avoid any form of complaint in the future.

As a reader, what is your take on this?

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