The Bomb rsa left people in speechless with her recent pictures.

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Andiswa Selepe, who is only a teenager of 17 years still doing her grade 12 left many people in speechless after posting different pictures of her wearing a tight.

Andiswa is a model, and a YouTuber, she sometimes make video of her teaching young girls on how to do a make up tutorial, since she is good on doing this things.

Most of the people do not know that Andiswa is young and talented and already got engaged at the age of 16 by her Famous DJ boyfriend Melzi.

She have a positive mindset and she doesn’t respond to negativity because she knows that people will always talk even when you do better, last month his boyfriend was accused of cheating on her and on the very same day the posted pictures while there were two, and on that pictures there were showing that they are happy and people should continue spreading rumours.

Since they are staying together with her fiancé people thought that they might be cheating on her because she can be home every-time or at school then her boyfriend might have found some time to cheat on her but he didn’t.

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