Abena Korkor Furiously React To A Plus Claims That Sammy Awuku Arranged A Hospital Treatment For Her

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The Ghanaian Media Personality and former Presenter at TV3, Abena Korkor has furiously reacted to Kwame Asare Obeng, popularly known as A Plus, claims that Sammy Awuku arranged a hospital treatment for her.

As many Ghanaians can recall, Abena Korkor recently came with an allegation against Sammy Awuku that she was once in an intimate relationship with him. This propelled Sammy Awuku to file charges against Abena Korkor for trying to disgrace him and accusing him of something he has no idea about.

However, A Plus was recently overheard on Peace 104.3 FM's Entertainment Review explaining that the National Youth Organizer of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Sammy Awuku actually arranged a hospital treatment for Abena Korkor's bipolar disease.

Abena Korkor after coming across this statement got extremely furious and asked A Plus on her Official Instagram page if he has some proof backing this open statement being spread in the media. The media personality said that A Plus used to be a good friend but this statement from him is a lie and that she is going to file a case against him in the court of law.

This is what Abena Korkor wrote on her official Instagram page, "Kwame A Plus, where is your proof? I said it before people will use it to destroy Sammy Awuku. Talk is cheap. I am filing a case against you for all false allegations against me. You have only been a friend for the cameras. You know everyone always shows their true colours". Ghanaians don’t let hunger determine what we call the truth".

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