Sensitive || Skeem Saam Actress Mokgadi Shares A Sad Story That Will Leave You In Tears, See Here

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Date : 18 January 2022

Pebetsi Matlaila has shared an emotional story that left mzansi sobbing. She is a South African actress popularly known for her role of Mokgadi on Skeem Saam. She portrays the character of a hardworking journalist who would anything to get anything that she wants. She has been acting on Skeem Saam for a long time and has been said to be one of most loved actors in the cast. Her acting skills has won the hearts of many viewers. She just shared a sad story that left many people drowning in tears.

On her instagram she shared her pregnancy journey and left people crying. She revealed that she almost died when giving birth to her last born who is soon to turn ten months old. This has been a terrifying and devastating journey for her. She revealed that she drove herself to the hospital while experiencing labour pains and got admitted immediately. Upon arrival she was told that her blood pressure was high and it would make it impossible for her and the baby to survive. Imagine hearing such words at such a painful stage in life.

Luckily she managed to give birth to her baby girl. What broke her heart is when she was told that her heart and lungs collapsed where she almost bit her tongue due to high blood pressure. It turns out that she was dead for three minutes but got resuscitated. Her baby was born blue with no oxygen in her brain. The had to spent a month at the hospital in ICU. Her daughter was getting tests on her brain meanwhile she was on a catheter as she couldn't walk to the toilet. This has been the most painful experience that she went through.

Indeed God is great and miracles do happen. This has given hope to many people who might feel like giving up. It left many in tears but most importantly revealed to the masses how great God is. It motivated many people to be hopeful at all times. What is your view on this matter? Share your views on the comment section and follow for more news.

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