Marang From Muvhango Biography, Age, Career, Height, Husband, Net Worth and more

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Sharon Seno Biography, Age, Career, Height, Husband, Net Worth and more

Sharon Seno biography

Sharon Seno is a popular Television actress and model from South Africa. She gained major recognition in the country, and also in Africa for portraying the character, Marang Motsoaledi in the popular soap opera, “Muhvango”. She has since because one of the most talked about characters on the TV show.

Speaking to News24, she said that she was timid as a child, and people always teased her for being the tallest among her peers. This drove her to think she was ugly because of her height and big lips. Even though Naledi always encouraged her, she would always look down upon herself until she caught the eye of a modelling scout at a mall. At that moment, she realised that she was perfect and that there was nothing wrong with being tall. She started modelling at that point. Unlike her siblings, she does not have any educational qualifications but says she might go back to school to study drama.


Sharon Seno is known to have a good height perfect for a pageant queen and also for a female model. She is about 1.7m tall.


Sharon Seno is famous for always experimenting with different hairstyles. She is not one to be pinned to just one hairstyle. Sometimes, she is seen spotting a long hairdo, or something packed. She has also been spotted in a low-cut, and has dyed her hair on several occasions.


Since Sharon Seno gained recognition, she has not shared any information about who she is dating or even about being married to anyone. She is known to keep private details of her romantic life personal. However, she has shared photos of different men to her social media pages sparking romance rumours but never really reacts to the rumours.


On Muvhango, she was cast as an executive PA who works at Qalabosha, directly reporting to Moliehi Motsamai and James Motsamai. Blessed are those who see beautiful things in humble places where others see nothing.

Scandals That Hogged Headlines

In recent years the showrunners have been blasted for picking actresses based on looks and beauty. In the mix of things just like those before her rumour, she was selected because of her outward appearance, and we can refute that given her unmatched talent.

She was once implicated in a daring set affair with a fellow actor who plays the character of James because of their passionate kisses and intimacy on set.

Net Worth

The exact estimate of Sharon Seno’s net worth is not known to the general public as neither she nor her team has ever revealed it. However, several media outlets have estimated her worth to be around $100,000 to $400,000. This is based on her success as a pageant contestant, in TV shows, and also as a model. Neither Sharon nor her team has reacted to this estimate.


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