"After Our Wedding He Went For Honeymoon With Ex Girlfriend, I Decided The Have A Lover In Marriage

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Ex-girlfriend and husband went on honeymoon together after getting married, according to Jecinta Wanjiku's story out of Komothai, Kiambu county.

She married her spouse at the age of 18, according to Jecinta, because she didn't realize that people went on Honeymoons after they got married when she was still living in the village at the time.

He had never been seen after the wedding, but his cousin claimed to have spotted him with his ex-girlfriend afterward, and she believes this to be the case, despite her claims to have never seen him again.

When she arrived home, she found her husband threatening to beat her up, so she went to church on her own the next morning.

She was instructed to return to her house and speak with him after Jecinta's mother-in-law learned what her husband had said and where he had gone. The following week, he started showing up at her door with a number of different women, and she started cooking for them all.

Jecinta began to fall in love with her husband after hearing from a neighbor that he had a big number of girlfriends prior to their marriage, which led to their divorce.

In the aftermath of her husband's abuse, she left him and returned to his parents' home, swearing never to see him again.

Source: https://youtu.be/1PDMgsnBPXQ

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