Mistakes Made by First Time Visitors to Nairobi that Lands them in Trouble

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When we visit a place for the first time, we usually make mistakes, some we survive while some lands us in big troubles. In this article, I'll be exploring mistakes most first time visitors to Nairobi make. After reading, I hope you'll be cautious enough or share with new relatives who are planning to visit the city, so they don't fall victims of their own mistakes.

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1. Stepping out of their Waiting Spots

This is how people get lost, very simple. Some one visits a relative or a friend, they are told to wait at the bus stage or waiting lounge, but they decide they can make it by themselves. I once lost a friend who whom we found in Gikomba after hours of searching. We had told him to wait at the stage but decided to look for vehicles to where I live. He couldn't even explain where he was. He kept saying hew was next to a house written "Nice and Lovely", not knowing there are hundreds of houses written Nice and Lovely in Nairobi.

2. Asking Directions from Strangers

This is also another big mistake that first time visitors to Nairobi make. They just bump on to someone then ask for directions to building or stage. Be warned, you'll be misguided to a crime zone and be robbed of everything. If you can't wait where you've alighted to be picked, kindly ask for directions from a security officer or a police man, or else, you'll regret your first day in Nairobi.

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3. Buying Foodstuffs in Vehicles.

Though this is common with many people, buying foodstuffs in vehicles is never safe, especially drinks. If you must buy, then do it from a nearby shop but not from one of the passengers. There is always probability of being drugged and robbed.

4. Walking While Reading Writings on Buildings

Besides this mistake taking away your concentration, thieves will be studying you very closely. I tell you Nairobi's criminals know how to tell people that are new. And walking along the streets alone while reading buildings and maybe making phone calls would give them more than the clues they need to approach. Be very careful.

5. Participating in Gambles and Promotions

You are from the village, you alight at a stage in Nairobi and find a group of people playing cards or Pata Potea promotion. You decide to join and maybe play as you wait to be picked. My friend, that's never a good move, you'll regret coming to the city. You'll curse Nairobians for your own mistake. At least for the first day, avoid those promotional campaigns.

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Please share this widely, especially with those planning to visit Nairobi for the first time.

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