[OPINION] 75 Years Old Woman Climbing An Electric Pole: An Act Of Bravery That Should Be Discouraged

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According to a report, the unthinkable unfolded before our eyes as a 75 years old woman proved to bystanders that "Age is just a number." The aged woman was caught on camera climbing an electric pole to reconnect their light. It's still unbelievable that she climbed the pole without wearing any safety gloves.

She displayed an act of bravery and perhaps it's an act she is fond of. She didn't even take into consideration the risk involved. We have seen and read of cases in which people were electrocuted while trying to disconnect or reconnect the electric power supply.

The kind of voltage passing through those wires and the level of electric current flowing on it is too high that just a spark can send one to their early grave.

The action of this woman despite depicting bravery should be discouraged because it's very risky. Such people should be given recognition in society.

Perhaps, there should be a consideration put in place for her to school little ones on the danger involved in carrying such an act. We don't have a case of little ones trying to emulate what she did because children learn from what they see adults do.

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