China Develops a mobile application that lets you know when a person in debt is nearby

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We all know the extent to which debtors will go just to Avoid Responsibility some even avoid picking up your call.

Well, this might just be the end of such behaviors if the latest innovation from the Chinese province of Hebei is anything to go by.

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Failing to pay off your debt is generally frowned upon all over the world, but one country has been cracking down the practice harder than the others.

According to a UK based technology magazine, the Evening Standard authorities in the Chinese province of Hebei have created a smartphone app that lets you know if you are within 500 metres of a person in debt.

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Being in debt in China is one of the greatest sins, in the last couple of years, Chinese authorities have used a variety of techniques to force debtors to pay up with Public shaming topping the list.

Described as "a map of deadbeat debtors" the App can be accessed through the Chinese all-in-one social Media platform WeChat.

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The state-run newspaper, China Daily reports that the App can detect debtors within a 500m radius.

What do you think of this innovation?

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