OPINION| Azwidini AKA Mpesu is Abusive

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Am I the only who believe this guy could be abusing these ladies and I hope after shooting this episode the ladies were provided with protection, and the guy kept on hiding his face I am with Jub-Jub when he said this is either the guy is running away from something from Limpopo, maybe wife and family or children, at Limpopo something fishy about him

The Moja love must make plans and make sure that the ladies are safe because that guy is something else, he was busy swearing and hitting the short woman where does he get such nerves knowing that he is on camera, on National Television, that gives you a lot of question marks that, what does he do behind-the-scenes, how does he behave. He is not a good man in the community, he was caught and was suppose to humble himself and apologize but no, he chose to abuse them in front of the world


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