To Prove Afia Schwar Wrong, Delay Has Released A New Trending Video With Amerado.

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Deloris Frimpong Manso pupilar known as Delay has imparted a video having extraordinary second to her alleged darling after Afia Schwar guaranteed she has no man in her life.

One more day has come and the battle between Afia Schwar and Deloris Frinpong Manso proceeds.Afia Schwar some tee days prior supposed that Delay was too old that no man needed to date her.

That attestation has been imperfected by the ace television show host as she has been seen chilling with rapper Amerado in her home.

The video caught Delay and popular musician Amerado in the kitchen with the rapper setting up a dinner for her.

She asked what he was doing and Amerado answered talking about he was stripping keep-up with a bubble for her.

Shocked Delay chuckled hard as though she was wildly enamored.

Delay and Amerado have been overflowing affection since the rapper pronounced his goals towards her on live TV.

In spite of the fact that she killed his fantasy about having a relationship blaming age, the rapper figured out how to convince her and the rest is history.

Delay said throughout the week that Sister Derby, who is likewise dating a more younger man, has turned into a reference point or expectation for more seasoned ladies in relationships with the young men more youthful than them.

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