Checkout the massive transformation of the handsome Rahim Banda which will inspire you


One celebrity who has transformed beyond recognition as some people put it as a result of his growth and style is Rahim Banda. He is one celebrity who many celebrities and fans have spoken good about. Rahim Banda is one of the teen celebrities who is held in high esteem by both the young and old. 

Rahim Banda is an actor and an ambassador of free Senior High School who has carved a niche for himself in the movie industry. He was fortunate to enter into the movie industry at a tender age and as such was one of the favorites of many. He was always playing the role of the half cast young boy who normally didn’t speak twi. His roles in movies paved way for him in the celebrity status as many Ghanaians fell in love with his acting skills. Many people believe that because his father was also into directing movies, that’s Bandex, he was given a push by his dad. 

Because of his popularity in the movies as a teen celebrity, he was fortunate to be given the role as an ambassador for the Free SHS policy which was initiated by the incumbent government. He was put in charge to make sure that the policy was a successful one. He was given a vehicle as a tool to help him in his role. 

His throwback photos is a clear indication of who he is today. He being the quiet type and always a respectful one according to close friends of his, he also grew up to be the respectful guy. His social life is somewhat always on the internet s he always flaunt himself and his girlfriend on the internet.

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