See what A Male Student Wears to School To Attend Lecture (VIDEO)

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"Wonder Shall Never End"— See What this Student was putting on right inside the class, attending lecture.

With the level of Societal decadence that has ravaged morality in the lives of our youths, we can only pray that God himself Should help this generation to maintain sanity.

A young man who should be in his early 20's was spotted by one of his classmates on video, putting on shoes that belongs to another gender entirely.

This video of this young man is now circulating on social media as many people believed the young man to be a Bisexual, due to his preference on wearing female shoes to class. While some people on the other hand felt like it could probably be a game/play between the guy and his girlfriend.

It's however a eyesore Seeing a young promising man putting on heels inside a lecture room, while lecturing was going on. It's shows the high level of irresponsibility from the young man.

This society needs to wake up from sidelining important things for a mere cruise, just like what this young man was caught doing within the school premises.

Should it be the young man happened to be a gay, that alone is troubling. But being a right thinker, indulging yourself in such act within an intellectual gathering speaks volume of irresponsibility.

Below are pictures from the Video:

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