Happening now: Bishop join students of Ho - Dome to plant trees.


As part of the President's decision and declaration of this year as a year of tree planting, the Bishop of the Ho Diocese Most Rev Emmanuel Kofi Fianu join students of Ho Dome St Cecilia Roman Catholic Basic School to undertake tree planting exercise.

In a live video on Facebook, the Bishop was given the chance to cut the sod of the trees planting program. In his speech, he made the students understand the importance of trees and how deforestation will affect the next generation.

" Tree planting is an ancient exercise which has been taking place since time immemorial. Trees are very important to the human being and animals as well, because trees provides shade and protects us during stormy days and provides us with the oxygen that we breaths in. When we cut down trees and we didn't replace it, then we are going to make our children suffer from the direct sunshine which may burn their skin since there will be no shades to protect them. This tree planting exercise is part of the Episcopal seat of Ho decision to plant about 2 million trees this year." Bishop Fianu said.

He continued by advising the students body to continue to learn and respect their teachers in order to become responsible people in the future.

" As we disperses from here, I urge you all to make good use of your books and be of good character. Those of who that will be going on vacation soon should endeavor to make use of your books so that you will become responsible citizens in years to come."

The Bishop then bless the students after the closing prayer and ask God's blessings and favor to locate them in all that they do.

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